Why do most relationships fail?

Why do most relationships fail?

In an article on Vice, the average relationship for a Millennial couple will last four years. That's it. How did our grandparents make it work for 50 and 60 years, then? What's changed?


In recent conversations with friends, both happily married and divorced, I am starting to see a pattern forming. 

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We don't last because we don't seem to understand that relationships take work. We need to be open and honest about our wants and needs early on and commit to making those things happen for each other, every single day from here on out. 

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After 12 years of marriage I can honestly say that being married is one of the most fun things you can do, but it takes strength of character, discipline, and continuous work to keep it going. As soon as one of you slips, you will hit the proverbial rocky times you hear of so often! And it will happen! You will have days where you think, "I've had enough" and "I hate you". But, if you've put in the work and are committed, you will have a far smoother 'rough patch' than if you didn't.

In this YouTube video from Derrick Jaxn, he hits the nail on the head! In every way! 

Why do you think realtionships fail?

Thanks to Derrick Jaxn for the use of his YouTube video.

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