Would you really love through sickness?

Would you really love through sickness?

In a horrific car accident, a former Navy Seal suffered a severe brain injury leaving him wheelchair bound!

Husband in Hospital
Instagram : @laurabpilates

In March 2017, Jonathan Grant, who served as a Navy SEAL, was in a  car accident as he rushed to offer medical aid at the site of a fire in North Carolina. 

Jon – who was serving as a combat medic instructor at Fort Bragg at the time of the accident – suffered a traumatic brain injury called a diffuse axonal injury and fell into a coma. He will likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair and is yet to regain his speech. 

Now, we all take the vows, we know what they say. On the day we marry the person we are to spend the rest of our lives with, but, are those vows enough to keep us together through the hardest of times? For Jon and his wife Laura, the answer is a resounding YES! 

Using her extensive Pilates backround, Laura is just standing by her husband, she is helping him heal! 

Her Instagram is a journal of their journey together into this new life and is the most beautiful and inspiring thing you'll see today! 

Don't believe me? Watch this!

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Have you stood with your partner through sickness and health?

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