Auditory illusion: What do you hear?

Auditory illusion: What do you hear?

This audio illusion has been going viral because people hear so many different things.

audio illusion

It is so strange that some people hear things differently, and this incredible illusion has gotten people to debate what is being said.

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A TikTok post playing the sound bite also included a list of words you will hear once you read them.

If you want to challenge yourself, you can listen to the audio without reading the words to make up your mind about what is being said.

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People left some interesting comments on the post: “Whatever I read I hear” and “without reading anything i hear outrageous”.

Watch the video below:

@dent_head #whatdoyouhear #whatdoyouhearchallenge #whatcanyouhear ♬ original sound - Monkey Seb 🐵

Image: dent_head/TikTok

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