Awkward moment guest falls into bride's path while filming

Awkward moment guest falls into bride's path while filming

Well, at least the fallen lady in red managed to pick the rail of flowers up!

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This guest stopped the whole wedding! How embarrassing! 

A bride had to bring her long-awaited moment of walking down the aisle to a halt when a guest accidentally fell at her feet while filming her walking in. The woman had lost her balance while leaning against some wedding decorations and tumbled to the floor. 

After falling, the whole proceeding came to a complete stop while she gathered herself and got back on her feet. Several other guests can be seen quickly helping the woman pull the rail of flowers back into position so that the wedding could continue. 

Naturally, there was someone present who filmed the whole awkward incident and we couldn't help but giggle.   

Universe, can this just never ever happen to us, please?! 

Watch the hilariously embarrassing moment below: 

Have you ever seen something awkward take place at a wedding? 

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