Baby channels inner Tom Cruise from 'Mission Impossible'

Baby channels inner Tom Cruise from 'Mission Impossible'

Ever met someone who was afraid to touch grass? Well, this baby is...

grass baby refuses image

These days we aren't surprised by much on the internet. 

However, the video below has us somewhat puzzled. 

A video has been posted to YouTube showing a father holding his baby above the grass. Crouched on his haunches, the dad holds the baby in the air, just above the grass. 

Suddenly, the baby spreads her legs as if she is performing the splits, preventing her feet from touching the grass. You might think that this was just by chance, but after a second attempt, the baby does it again. Think Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible'! 

All we know is that this baby clearly has better things to do than touch grass?! 

Watch the hilarious video below:

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