Bride (86) wows guests with stunning wedding dress

Bride (86) wows guests with stunning wedding dress

This bride is living proof that love can be found at any age and beauty doesn’t have to fade with age.

Stunning bride

The 86-year-old grandmother married her partner, 85-year-old sweetheart Harold Morrison, on October 16 in a beautiful ceremony in New Jersey, but what made the wedding even more special was the gown she wore. Millie Taylor-Morrison, a former model, looked stunning in a purple wedding dress she designed herself, according to Fox.

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The photo of the dress went viral after being posted by her granddaughter, Khadija Elkharbibi on Facebook, with some even calling it the most beautiful wedding dress ever.

 "She is known for her beautiful sense of style. It doesn't matter where she goes, church, family gathering, store run … She never leaves the house without her hair or makeup being done and she always wears heels!," Khadija Elkharbibi was quoted as saying in Ghanaweb.

The inspiring couple met over six decades ago at church. Although Millie was married before, she lost her husband in 1999. When Harold, who goes to church with her, got sick, Millie offered to take care of him at her house, so he doesn’t have to stay at a home for the  elderly.

“I asked him if he wanted to live with me instead of a nursing home, and he said, ‘definitely,” Millie told the publication. After receiving love and care from Millie, Harold got better, and being Christians, they decided to do what is “pleasing in God’s eyes” by making things official.

“I love him, but I can’t have him living in my house…I have granddaughters and grandsons. I’m a Christian woman and I want to live a Christian life. We decided that even though we were in our twilight years, we wanted to be pleasing in God’s eyes,” she told Fox.

See the radiant bride below.

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