Can the Bajaj Qute be classified as a car?

Can the Bajaj Qute be classified as a car?

The Bajaj Qute is possibly the most spoken-about vehicle in SA right now but is it even a car?

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We headed to the Bajaj website to find out more about this newcomer.

Firstly it seems that according to its classification, the Bajaj Qute isn't even a car, it's classified as a quadricycle. What this means is that the vehicle is defined by limitations in terms of weight, engine power and speed. 

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The Qute is designed to offer convenience for congested cities. It weighs 481 kilograms with a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. Its carbon footprint is significantly less than that of big cars and it poses less threat to pedestrians and cyclists. 

Have a look at the specs below.


  • Length: 2752 mm

  • Width: 1312 mm

  • Height: 1652 mm

  • Wheel Base: 1925 mm

  • Wheel Track: 1143 mm

  • Turning Circle Radius: 3.5 m

The vehicle can transport four adults, including the driver and it has a luggage compartment capable of transporting goods weighing 20 kgs in the bonnet and 40 kgs on the roof if you install rails.


  • Max. Speed: 70 km/h, 5th gear

  • Max. Gradeability: 18% (10.2 degree) for CNG 20% (11.30 degree) for Petrol; in first gear.

With the current petrol prices in SA, those who work close to home can consider this for short trips or to make a living delivering goods. 

For more info on where to buy the car in South Africa, click here.

Image Credit: Bajaj Auto

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