Centurion's “sexy” birthday wish

Centurion's “sexy” birthday wish

Ivena "Ivy" Smailes really does have a sense of humour!


For most elderly people, a birthday celebration usually means a nice cake and being surrounded by family, sharing wonderful memories. But not for this 105-year-old British grandma who celebrated her birthday last week. Her wish was probably the last thing you would think a 105-year-old would want for her birthday!

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According to Mashable, Smailes’ one and only wish for her birthday was a group of hunky firefighters to surround her. How is that for naughty?! Thankfully her children managed to make her dream come true, and the hunky firefighters from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service came and even sang for her.

Smailes even told ABC News that the experience was out of this world. Below is the incredible birthday celebration video.

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