Chef dies after falling into massive pot of boiling soup

Chef dies after falling into massive pot of boiling soup

A chef died after falling into a vat of chicken soup while catering at a wedding.

Chef dies falling into chicken soup

Issa Ismail, a 25-year-old chef in Iraq, slipped and fell into a gigantic vat of chicken soup that he had been preparing for a wedding dinner.

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According to a report from local news outlet Middle East In-24, Ismail was one of the chefs catering a wedding dinner at the Hazel Hall, one of the biggest wedding venues in the northeastern Iraqi district of Zakho.

Business Insider reported that it is not uncommon for large vats of soup to be prepared in Middle Eastern weddings, which typically host between 200 to 600 people.

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Unfortunately, the joyous occasion took an horrific turn and Ismail sustained major injuries.

He suffered third-degree burns on 70% of his body and was rushed to Dohuk Hospital. Sadly, he did not recover and five days later he succumbed to his injuries.

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