Could the Brakpan shuffle be what we need to reshuffle Zuma?

Could the Brakpan-shuffle be what we need to reshuffle Zuma?

Stop what you are doing and do the Brakpan-shuffle!

brakpan shuffle dancing

Over the last week, President Jacob Zuma has been at the forefront of the cabinet reshuffle and we couldn't help but dig up a golden oldie in response.

Remember the Brakpan-shuffle? Well, of course you do! How could you ever forget it?! A video showing a woman dancing in a very peculiar way went viral and, to be honest, we still cannot get enough of it! 

Sometimes videos are just too good to completely forget about. Could these be the moves that South Africans should unite behind and use this coming Friday when the country is set to shut down? Imagine seeing a whole bunch of people dancing like this, it sure would scare off many, right?

Naturally, we got a few of the #JacaFamily to give us their best rendition of this infectious dance - we can't help but cringe and laugh!

Do you have a unique dance that you just love to do? Record yourself and tweet us using @jacarandafm.

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