Dad lets his preschooler do a burnout

Dad lets his preschooler do a burnout

A dad thought it was a great idea to let his five-year-old son do a burnout at their home in Queensland, Australia.

Burnout car

He was so proud of this, that he even shared the video on his Facebook page. In the video, he can be heard cheering on as his five-year-old, who dangerously does the burnout with no one else in the car.

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"He knows a hell of lot for a five-year-old child. He’s not your average five-year-old," the father, Alex Dobson, told 9NEWS.

But, sadly for him, not everyone found this entertaining, and understandably so! According to Mashable, police were not too pleased with the footage. They have reportedly seized the car and the child protection unit is investigating.

Below is the video of the burnout...

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