Durban high school bullying goes viral

Durban high school bullying goes viral

A Facebook video has gone viral showing a high school pupil being bullied by another pupil from the Werda School in Hillary, Durban.

Durban bullying

The high school pupil, who was in his uniform walking alongside his school mates, was approached by the bully who started beating him up and throwing him to the ground before kicking him in his stomach.

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The pupil can be heard asking the bully to leave him alone, but the bully carries on without shame. “Let me go. I don’t want any trouble,” the victim cries.

Although the reason for the attack is not clear, one viewer, Gizelle Charne De Beer, wrote: “This is my brother (victim) .... he qas beaten because he "snitched" on this other child for bringing a knife ti school... I am absolutely horrified!!!!!”

Below is the horrific attack.

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