Etiquette expert says everyone's been buttering their bread incorrectly

Etiquette expert says everyone's been buttering their bread incorrectly

Are you buttering your bread the wrong way? An etiquette expert wants people to stop doing this one thing. 

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After many years of existence on planet earth, most people have not given a second thought about the way they butter their bread. 

What is there to think about when you just grab a knife and spread the margarine on your bread. Easy-peasy. 

Well, according to an etiquette expert, 99.999% of the population has likely been buttering their bread incorrectly all these years. 

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Etiquette coach, Dr Clinton Lee - who is also a wine professional - says there is a correct way and incorrect way to butter your bread. 

"Many people will take the entire piece of bread and butter it on their plate. Practical, certainly. But in terms of etiquette, incorrect," he says in a TikTok video. 

According to Dr Lee, you first have to take the entire piece of butter and place it onto your plate. You then tear the bread into small pieces. 

"This is where the saying comes from, breaking bread," he says in the video.

Dr Lee adds that once you have your small bite-sized pieces, you can then butter them individually and pop the bread into your mouth.

"There you go. Perfect," he says.

Now, Dr Lee, we don't have time to be doing all of that when we can just butter the entire piece of bread at once. 

But if we ever visit the Queen of England, we will be sure to give it a try. 

The etiquette expert's video has been watched more than 4.6-million times. Check it out below. 

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