Former Miss SA slammed over wedding dress

Former Miss SA slammed over wedding dress

Is wearing a white dress to someone else's wedding a no-no?

Bokang Montjane dress

Over the years there has been an on-going debate on what should and shouldn’t be worn to weddings. Although everything boils down to personal preference, truth is, when it comes to weddings, it’s not about what works for you, but about the bridal couple.

You don’t want to rub people the wrong way with your attire, or be accused of trying to outshine the bride by rocking up in a white dress or anything that looks remotely bridal.

Like former Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala, who became a hot topic on Twitter after posting a picture of herself wearing a white dress to a friend’s wedding. The white dress even had lace.

Many slammed Bokang’s dress and accused her of trying to steal the bride’s shine.

nandie_gqibithole@_carina.m wrote: i would just unfriend @bokang_m shes disrespectful wearing white at ur wedding worse a dress that looks like a wedding dress.

However, Bokang hit back at her critics. She wrote: @nandie_gqibithole you must be very unhappy with your life to wake up so early n post such negativity, what you say is a reflection on you n how u feel about your life nt on us.Please spread ur negativity somewhere else not on my page Cz I'm nt a negative person... Wake up n choose to speak words that bring life n nt hurt or death into people's lives n see how amazing God or the universe can bless u in return... Choose to spread love n light n what amazing blessings flow... Stay beautiful in n out n be blessed, wish you all the best.

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