Funny: two adorable kids interrupt their dad’s live television interview

Funny: kids crash their dad’s live television interview

This interview went wrong for all the right reasons.

Kids interupt dad

Most of the time, children just want to play and couldn’t care less whether their parents are busy or not.

Just like the two kids in this viral video who decided to join their dad during a live television interview on Skype.

Professor Robert E. Kelly was giving an interview on BBC World about the impeachment of the South Korean President, when his toddler barged into the room and start playing.

Kelly could be seen trying to push his daughter to the side, trying to signal to her that it wasn’t the best time to play.

But while he was still busy dealing with her, a baby in a walking ring enters the room - probably hoping to join the fun. 

Sadly for the two kids, their mum then bursts into the room, and quickly removes them, so their daddy could carry on with the interview uninterrupted.

Watch the funny interruption  below.

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