Gamer's Review: Top 10 online games

Gamer's Review: Top 10 online games

Exciting news! The top 10 online games have officially been announced and with some especially great news for Call Of Duty fans.

Call of Duty
Supplied/Mack Rapapali

This new season of free content includes five new Multiplayer Maps, five new Weapons, new Points of Interests in Verdansk, and new quests in Outbreak that set the stage for a free Zombies experience during the season.

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It's unfortunate that it only ranks at number 10 on the list with 6 million hits worldwide. Season four launched on 17 June and Rean Pelser from the South African online gamers Federation explained the reason why Call Of Duty won't make it to top 3.

Take a listen to the conversation with Mack Rapapali and Rean Pelser below. 

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