Get your morning fitness fix with the 5:15 gym club

Get your morning fitness fix with the 5:15 gym club

Join us for a fitness session with Lauren-Leigh Porter on Mornings with Mack Rapapali! 

5:15 Gym Club

Meet your trainers:

Lauren-Leigh Porter, winner of Miss Physique SA at the Mr & Ms Fitness SA pageant and Bikini and Fitness America Championships in Hollywood. She's also the CEO of Body Beautiful, a global brand, a way of life and a life-changing community that gets fit for purpose!

Danielle Pereira has 25 years of experience in the Dance industry. She has won many SA titles and has competed at World Freestyle Championships and the World IDO Disco Championships.

Sergio Peral holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology and is passionate about individual wellbeing. 

Upper body Mobility cardio exercise: 

You will need a towel for this one, and it works best especially if you are about to jump into the shower early. 

1- Shoulder press (10 times 3 reps)

2- Chest press (10 times 3 reps)

3- Bicep curl (10 times 3 reps)

4- Tricep extension (10 times 3 reps)

Warm down your muscles by doing the following stretches.

Shoulder stretch

Tricep stretch

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