Girl asked to send topless photo to ‘verify her age’ on kids app

Girl asked to send topless photo to ‘verify her age’ on kids app

A 10-year-old girl was targeted by a predator on a popular children's cartoon App. 

Amino App

Cahla McGarry was playing on the dress-up game when the predator sent her a private message asking her to send a picture of her bare chest! 

In the message, the other person tells the young girl that the group is a safe space for girls under 14 and that she has to send that photo to prove that she meets the criteria for the app or else, she would be banned from using the app. 

The little one was wise enough to show her mother the strange message and Nicola McGarry, Cahla's mother was able to warn her daughter about the dangers of talking to strangers. 

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Nicola shared her fears with stating that predators always find ways to prey on young kids on the net. 

“I was scared,” mom Nicola said. “It felt as if they had intruded into our home. Although it’s probably someone thousands of miles away, it really felt like an intrusion into our privacy.”

Amino is a social networking app dedicated to communities, chats, forums, and fan groups so people with shared interests can connect.

Have a look at the disturbing message below. 

Message on Amino

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