Girl shares hilarious valuable lesson for children

Young girl shares hilarious valuable lesson for children

We suggest all children out there take a few tips from this wise young girl.

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We have watched this video over and over! 

In a hilarious video posted to Facebook by Cassie Nel, a young girl is seen having a rant. The young girl can be seen dressed in her school uniform, sitting in the passenger side of her mother's vehicle. 

In the hilarious message, the scholar claims that it is very important to listen to your parents when they tell you to do certain things. She shares that on the day of netball practice it was raining and her mother warned her to pack in long pants. However, she did not listen. In the video, she says: "Ek het so koud gekry, weet jy hoe erg is dit?" (I got so cold, do you know how terrible that is?).

She adds: "Luister vir jou brein. Jou brein, hierdie ding is baie slim!" (Listen to your brain. Your brain, this thing, this thing is very clever!). Reading this will do you no justice, you just have to watch the video below. 

This is hilarious!

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