Groom-to-be proposes with a meat bouquet

Groom-to-be proposes with a meat bouquet

Whatever happened to a normal bouquet of flowers? Roses? Tulips?

meat bouquet mage

It seems like that is long gone!

Now, people are coming up with creative ways to 'pop the big question' to their loved ones. 

Even if those creative ways include lettuce and raw meat, it seems like anything is possible. 

Mu Siyao wanted to ask for his girlfriend Wang Oiqi’s hand in marriage the day before Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as Oixi Festival. So, instead of presenting her with a normal bouquet of flowers, he surprised her with a meat bouquet.

Strips of raw meat were folded into the shape of roses and wrapped around lettuce to create a bouquet. Crazy, right?!

Well, it worked! His bride-to-be accepted his proposal and in the video you can see Siyao pull the ring from the bouquet.

How did you pop the question to your loved one?

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