A guide to walking, the Spring Walk way

A guide to walking, the Spring Walk way

A comprehensive guide on how to walk, the right way, courtesy of Discovery.


We know what you’re thinking: “Who needs tips on how to walk, the right way? Walking comes naturally!”

We get that. If you’re at home, walking from one room to another or if you’re at the office rushing from one meeting to the next, then this post probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re a serious (or casual, we don’t judge) power walker and you’ll be joining us at the Discovery Jacaranda FM Springwalk 2015, then this is definitely for you.

If you are doing walking as a formal type of exercise for a set length of time, it’s important to know what to wear and how to walk to avoid injuries. The guidelines below will help you to start your walking programme on the right foot.

Get a health check

If you suffer from an illness or medical condition, get a medical check-up before embarking on a walking program. Walking possesses little health risk, but if you suffer from any form of illness or medical condition, check with your doctor before starting a new physical activity programme.

Buy good walking shoes

Buy good walking shoes that are the correct size and provide shock absorption and support. Wearing the wrong type of shoe can result in foot pain or shin pain, as well as blisters and injuries to the soft tissue of your foot. Make sure you r shoes are comfortable, provide shock absorption and have appropriate heel and arch support.

Gearing up for walking

Wear moisture-wicking socks and comfortable clothing adjusted to weather conditions.  Wear comfortable clothing while walking and do not worry too much about technical gear, especially if you are a beginner. But, regular walking and certain weather conditions do call for special considerations.

Walking technique

Use good technique while walking. You might think the walking technique is fairly obvious, as you’ve been walking all your life, yet there are specific guidelines to consider. Always look ahead, keep your shoulders relaxed, keep your back straight as you walk and take steps and strides that feel comfortable to you.

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