How Eskom generates electricity for South Africa

How Eskom generates electricity for South Africa

With the recent spate of loadshedding, it might be a good time to brush up on how electricity is generated in South Africa.

Electricity on the mend
Electricians trying figure out how they can prevent damage to the power units. Image: iStock

The most well-known method for generating electricity in SA is coal power stations, and these operate by burning large amounts of coal to heat water which turns steam turbines.

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Another method used by Eskom is gas turbines which operate by burning diesel to generate electricity similarly to coal plants. The one downside is that this method is much more costly.

Eskom also has one nuclear power plant that it uses to generate electricity, and this operates by using fissionable material to heat water and generate steam which turns a turbine.

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The last method for electricity generation is hydro power plants, which use flowing water to turn turbines and generate electricity.

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