This is how Netflix personalises content for you

This is how Netflix personalises content for you

A former Netflix employee spilled the secret of how Netflix learns about what you like watching and how they curate it.

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A TikTokker, @nilenochill, worked at Netflix for three years and recently took to her social media to share some secrets.

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In the video she explains that Netflix does not just put the most popular celebrities on a movie or show thumbnail, but rather they personalise each title.

She says that the thumbnails are curated based on the theme of the movie and other aspects that properly represent the content.

Another layer of personalisation comes when Netflix adapts the thumbnails to reflect what other users with similar interests to you engage with.

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It was said that Netflix does not collect any personal information about you such as your gender, age or sexual orientation.

See the video below:

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Image: Unsplash

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