"I Didn't Poop, I Peed!" - Adorable little boy declares to dad

"I Didn't Poop, I Peed!" - Adorable little boy declares to dad

This little boy has the internet in stitches - watch the adorable video below.


Any parent who has potty-trained their kids knows it isn't always the easiest task. 

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video showing little Matt sitting on a training seat, excitedly repeating the phrase “I didn’t poop. I peed!” to his father, Greg DeVito, has been widely spread on social media.

In the video, Greg can be heard asking Matt again if he pooped or peeped, but Matt persisted and said with the most adorable voice; "I peed!" 

"[I'm] not sure why he was doing this voice," Dani (Matt's mother) captioned the Facebook video.

Matt's adorable response was so funny that Greg couldn't hide his laughter any longer - so much so that it had him in tears. Matt noticed and stopped to check in. "Daddy? You sad, Daddy?" he asked. "I'm trying so hard to not laugh, I'm crying!" his dad replied before asking again if he'd pooped.

You can guess the boy's response... 

The minute-long video has garnered more than 45-million views as on Facebook. Watch it below:

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