Incredibly brave gardener scares off burglars

Incredibly brave gardener scares off burglars

This gardener held nothing back in scaring off two burglars.

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It takes a lot for someone to rush in and save the day. 

This is exactly what one gardener did when he saw a pair of burglars breaking into the house next door. 

CCTV footage shows suspects breaking into a house in broad daylight when they are scared off by the gardener next door in Van Riebeeck Park on the East Rand. The couple who live in the house were away on holiday when the incident took place. 

In the video, one can see how the perpetrators break open the electronic gate and try to force their way into the house. 

Suddenly, out from behind the bushes, the gardener comes running after hearing the commotion, and without considering his own safety, ran to the criminals and shouted loudly.

At that moment, the burglars stopped their activities and fled the scene.​

What a hero!

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