Justin Timberlake channels inner 'Lion King' with spectator's baby

Justin Timberlake channels inner 'Lion King' with spectator's baby

We sometimes forget that celebrities are also willing to get candid when the moment is right...

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Who isn't a fan of the 'Lion King'? 

Pretty much no one! As one of Disney's all-time best animation films and soon to be remade into a live-action, it's a film that has touched the hearts of many generations. 

So much so, that even a huge celebrity like Justin Timberlake took the opportunity to reenact his favourite scene. 

While out at a golfing tournament, a father was heard shouting "Justin! All these people said you would hold my baby!", he then proceeds to shout "Hold the baby!". Within seconds the entire crowd start to cheer him on and call for Timberlake to hold the adorable baby. 

Justin couldn't ignore so many people, right? Well, it true gentleman style, he walks over and grabs hold of the man's baby and raises him up to the heavens above. 

Then, in what definitely got the crowd going, he started singing the much-loved 'Circle of Life' as seen in the 'Lion King's' opening credits. 

How awesome? 

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