Kid steals watch from couple in Thailand

Kid steals watch from couple in Thailand

Be careful of these cute little thieves!

Kid stealing watch

Kids seem so innocent and are probably the last people you would expect to steal from you. But this couple got a nasty surprise that involved a young girl stealing from them while on holiday in Thailand.

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In a post on Reddit, the boyfriend says his girlfriend noticed that her watch was stolen, but couldn’t figure out how, until they went through their holiday pictures. In one of the photos, one of the young girls the couple took a photo with can be seen slipping the watch off the woman’s wrist, MSN


Other people also shared their experiences with the Reddit user, with one man claiming: “My buddy and I caught a 6 year old in Mexico stealing money out of his pocket while playing Street Fighter.”

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Girlfriend in the progress of having her watch stolen from mildlyinteresting

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