Lisa Raleigh shares surprising benefits of water

Lisa Raleigh shares surprising benefits of water

Lifestyle and wellness expert Lisa Raleigh joined Bridget Masinga in studio to discuss the benefits of water; from weight loss to helping with cellulite.

Lisa Raleigh

Water has many great benefits such as keeping you hydrated, and helping with constipation, but just how many glasses does one need a day?

Over the years we have been told to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, but according to lifestyle and wellness expert Lisa Raleigh, the amount of water one needs is dependent on body weight. The fitness expert says to measure how much water one needs to drink in a day is by taking your body weight and diving it by 10. The answer would then be an indication of how many glasses (250ml) you need each day.

With winter upon us, many find themselves not drinking water as much as they would in the summer season. “It’s easy to take in plenty of cold fluids in the summer season, but in winter we struggle a little more. Ironically, winter can be just as dehydrating to the body as a hot summer,” Raleigh told Bridget.

Not only is water important in helping you stay hydrated, but it helps expel toxins from the body and keeps your skin hydrated through winter, which will make your skin look great. Raleigh says water can also help with cellulite.

She adds that it is important to always drink more water when you're exercising, as exercising makes you lose water through sweat. “We may not be sweating as much, but the drop in humidity robs the skin of moisture, as well as the mucus membranes of your nose, throat, and lungs. Keep your liquid levels high, adding in herbal teas for a powerful antioxidant punch,” said Raleigh.

For those wanting to lose weight, water can be of great help. “Many people confuse thirst with hunger. Drinking a glass or two glasses of water before every meal allows your brain to settle on whether it is hungry or just thirsty,” Raleigh told Masinga. 

Although it’s important to drink pure water, there are other great sources of water such as; fresh fruit and veg, herbal teas, and soups.

Raleigh highlights other great benefits of water in the audio below.

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