LISTEN: ‘7de Laan’ theme song gets a club remix

LISTEN: ‘7de Laan’ theme song gets a club remix

A local woman has made a club remix of the classic ‘7de Laan’ theme song.

7 de laan

A local woman took it upon herself to give the ‘7de Laan’ theme song a remix and the result has people divided.

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In the video, you see the woman sitting at her desk with a sound editing program open and remixing the song.

She then plays her remix which starts with the recognisable violin part of the theme, but then the remix really kicks in.

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Some people were not the biggest fans of the remix and commented: “Yeah that's a no hey”.

Watch the video below:

@buhduhbuhduh Would you listen to it? #tiktoksa #fyp #foryoupage #femaleproducer ♬ original sound - buh

Image: Afterskul

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