Mack gets Barney in the best prank

Mack gets Barney in the best prank

Mack has started to really enjoy playing a few pranks around the office and this time Barney was the unsuspecting victim.

mack pranks barney
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Mack is on a roll with his pranks, last week he scared his wife with a fake snake that was actually meant for Barney Simon however, he was worried he might give poor Barney a heart attack.

That worry was soon no longer a concern and a plan was created to see if Mack can catch Barney out.

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With the help of the video team, Barney was asked to do a short video about The Discovery Jacaranda FM Spring Walk, but he didn't know Mack was hiding under the table with a very loud surprise.

*Warning* Barney for the first time ever was filmed using bad language.

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