Man films toddler's eight-hour airplane tantrum

Man films toddler's eight-hour airplane tantrum

If you're a regular traveller, then you're probably familiar with this 'nightmare'. 

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If you’re a regular passenger on a plane or public transport, then you probably have your own story about a screaming toddler disturbing the peace in a public space?

According to Mamamia, New York artist Shane Townley experienced every plane passenger‘s worst nightmare whilst traveling from Germany to New York on a Lufthansa flight on August 26 last year.

A toddler basically decided to ruin the lives of everyone on board. So in return, the artist decided to film the toddler and shame him, and his mother, in a YouTube video that recently resurfaced.

In what Townley has described as ‘demonic behaviour’, you can clearly see and hear in the footage that the child is unsettled and unhappy.

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He narrates the eight-hour-long video with the following commentary:

“Demonic screams take over the plane.”

“‘Mom to the flight attendant: ‘Let’s get the wi-fi going so we can get the iPad going.’ We still haven’t taken off yet.”

“Free to create chaos the kid runs through the plane screaming.”

“Some believe this is proof that digital devices cause this.”

The artist recorded the full eight hours of the incident! We can’t imagine how the mother must’ve felt while all this was happening? 

Watch the video below: 

Have you ever had your child throw a tantrum in a public space? How did you deal with it? 

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