Man live streams himself while gettig #ZumaMustFall tattoo

Man live streams himself getting inked with #ZumaMustFall tattoo

We think this guy may have gone a bit too far here?

zuma tattoo on arm

Durbanite Jason Barber shocked many when he live streamed a tattoo session on Facebook. 

However, this was not your normal tattoo session. Barber took protesting to a whole new level when he inked his body with a 'Zuma Must Fall' tattoo. 

zuma must fall tattoo image

During a recent interview, Barber commented: “When I’m 85-years-old I’ll be telling my grandchildren that I fought against a bad man.”

We know that the #ZumaMustFall phrase has stuck with many protesters, but there's no doubt that this is a tad outrageous? 

Watch the video below:

Are you willing to get inked with a 'Zuma Must Fall' tattoo? 

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