Man robbed at Small Street Mall while people watched

Man robbed at Small Street Mall while people watched

A man was robbed in broad daylight - and no one tried to help.

Robbery in small street mall
Screenshot/Facebook/Intelligence Bureau SA

It used to be that robbers targeted you when you were walking in the dark alone. Those days are gone! Robbers are shameless now, and they will come for you in public. 

A video has surfaced on social media and it's making us wonder how safe we are around each other?

With the kind of society we're building with high walls and electric fences, we've become so incredibly uncaring that we can now watch and film someone's suffering instead of lending a helping hand. 

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The video posted on the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page has been shared over two thousand times.

Watch the video below, but be warned, it is not for sensitive viewers:

What would you have done in this situation?

JMPD is now visible in the area since the incident. 

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