Meet Bunny, the talking dog inspiring scientific research

Meet Bunny, the talking dog inspiring scientific research

Bunny is pushing scientific boundaries and we're in awe of her abilities. 

Bunny the talking dog
Screenshot/YouTube/ Windy City LIVE

Alexis Devine is devoted to her dog Bunny and spends hours every day talking to her. 

Bunny is famous on TikTok for 'talking' by selecting certain buttons on a mat to communicate. If you scroll through Devine’s TikTok page, you’ll see a stream of videos that follow a similar pattern. Bunny stands next to a collection of buttons on the floor, raises her paw, and presses down on a selected button. The prerecorded buttons communicate when she presses them: “More, Scratches, Now.”

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Devine has over five-million followers and like many of the followers, we're fascinated by Bunny's abilities. There are memes and parody videos about Bunny's sentience. Devine says she has been enjoying the parodies. “Most of the memes are really funny, I got a good laugh out of them,” she says. 

Bunny is one of 1,300 dogs being tested at the University of California as part of the TheyCanTalk study which aims to use a rigorous scientific approach to determine whether, and if so, how and how much non-humans are able to express themselves in language-like ways.

Watch the videos below. 

Here's more on Bunny the conversationalist. 

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Windy City LIVE

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