Mom with Alzheimer's reacts to daughter's pregnancy

Mom with Alzheimer's reacts to daughter's pregnancy

This is one of the most adorable videos we have ever seen!

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Is this not the most adorable video you have ever seen? 

A pregnant woman captured her Alzheimer's-suffering mother clapping and smiling every time she is told that she is going to be a grandmother. 

Mother-to-be Christine Stone from Florence, South Carolina recorded her mother Setsuko Harmon on ten different occasions finding out the news of the pregnancy. 

Stone said: "I enjoy telling mum because every time she reacts like a kid at Christmas. I can tell her I'm pregnant two minutes after I just told her and she is still surprised. My daughter will appreciate this video when she grows up and know my mom was excited for her arrival and was loved."

The incredibly adorable video was posted to social media and has already racked up over twelve thousand shares and over two-million views. 

This is truly special!

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