Mom furious after doll's outfit turns 'inappropriate' once dipped in water

Mom furious after doll's outfit turns 'inappropriate' once dipped in water

A mom took to Facebook to share her shock and fury after a doll's outfit turned into something 'inappropriate' when dipped in water. 

LOL Surprise! Doll
Screenshot/Facebook/Kate Worsfold

Do you collect LOL Surprise! dolls? Then you might have come across this particular surprise. 

Kate Worsfold posted a video on Facebook showing her daughter’s LOL Surprise! dolls and something a lot of other parents may not be aware of when buying these toys. The selling point for these dolls is that you never know what you're going to get until you open them.

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In the video, the Australian mom demonstrates various dolls, starting with one whose face turns blue when dipped in water. The second doll is the one she's most concerned about. When she dips it in cold water, its outfit looks like little bandages and the wrists look like they have bruises. The doll's underwear reads 'caution' around her private area.

Do you have these dolls and do you share similar concerns about the message their outfits send? 

Watch the video below.

Caution: Strong language

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