Mom loses it when baby blurts out first words

Mom loses it when baby blurts out first words

One of the biggest moments in a parent's life is the day their child says their first word!

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A child's first word can be an exciting and incredible moment for any parent. In the case of this video, it can be a terrifying experience for the child.

In this video posted to social media, a mother was trying to capture the moment her little one says the word "mama", but when the baby actually blurts it out, she was not ready for it at all. 

The mother was filming her baby sitting in her chair, trying to perfectly capture her child's first word. After a few seconds, the child blurts out the word and the mother goes absolutely crazy. Actually, crazy is an understatement here!

"Ahh! You said it!" the mother screams at her child, scaring her and scarring her for the rest of her life. 

She may very well never utter the word "mama" again.

Did you react the same way when your child said their first word?

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