Moment car is tossed by tornado caught on camera

Moment car is tossed by tornado caught on camera

We have all seen the power of a tornado, but having it happen right outside your house is another story!

image tornado flips car image

South Africa has already had its fair share of tornadoes, but they are a lot more common abroad.

CCTV footage captured the incredible moment a tornado came to show off its immense power. 

The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-2 tornado touched down in Hamburg, New York. The tornado's maximum wind speed reached up to 105 mph. No fatalities or injuries have been connected to the weather event, according to NWS.

The car in the video below can be seen being lifted and dropped to the ground in a new position, as if it were a little tricycle. 

These folks can count themselves very lucky that their house was not in the destructive path of this powerful tornado!

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