Now this is a dream job - R35,000 to lie in bed all day

Now this is a dream job - R35,000 to lie in bed all day

We can’t think of anything better than to lie in bed all day and then get paid for it!

Now this is a dream job, R35 000 to lie in bed all-day

A bed company named Crafted in the UK is currently accepting applications for a mattress tester. 

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The successful applicant will be required to test out different mattresses for the company all day and then provide feedback on their experience; that’s it!

The required hours are 37.5 hours per week, but requires very little manual strain.

With a fully-charged device, good earphones, internet connection, and off you go to work to chill. 

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How much will the person be paid, you may ask? Well, about R455,000 per year. 

The main aim of the role is to ensure the company provides their customers with comfort. 

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