Oops! Miss Universe candidate's catwalk attempt goes wrong

Oops! Miss Universe candidate's catwalk attempt goes wrong

Well, this certainly was not awkward at all, right?!

Oops! Miss Universe candidate's catwalk goes embarrassingly wrong
Miss Universe

A beauty queen took an embarrassing tumble into the water when she was strutting her stuff at the Miss Universe contest in Spain.

According to mirror.co.uk, Pilar Magro was one of the contestants in the contest when she took the embarrassing fall into the pool in her glamorous dress and heels.

The video shows Pilar and other contestants strutting their stuff at the edge of the pool. When it was her turn to walk, she did a twirl which lead to her tumbling straight into the water.

Fortunately, a life guard was nearby and he is seen jumping immediately into the water to rescue the beauty queen.

She did not sustain any injuries and unfortunately, the fall cost her the title of Miss Universe Spain, mirror.co.uk reported.

What would you do if something like this happened to you?

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