Owner spoils cats with hand-rolled sushi

Owner spoils cats with hand-rolled sushi

It's very difficult to resist the 'cuteness' factor when your cat or dog is begging for your food, right?

image cat eating sushi funny

Well, if you have a cat you can now spoil it by making it sushi. 

Sushi is a very well-known form of food that many love to eat. Coming in many different shapes and designs, sushi has taken the world by storm.

One owner goes through the effort of preparing his feline friends their very own sushi. 

His preparation is a combination of magic and chemistry, attention to detail and dedication. He minces fish and chicken into a fine paste using his extra sharp knife, makes his own broth using some kind of bubbling cauldron contraption, dices up the veggies, steams and molds the meat into perfect little buns, and assembles everything into restaurant-grade sushi.

All of this done for his two cats. Some might call it crazy, but this is pure love.

What do you do to spoil your pets?

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