Police officer trends for all the right reasons

Police officer trends for all the right reasons

After the rough week we've had, we are all in need of a good news story.


This week we have experienced an onslaught of negative news about hatred, racism, and bullying. As a result, we definitely think that today the country needs something to shine a light through the darkness.

A Facebook post by Wentzel van Deventer racked up over 8,000 shares and 3,500 comments this week.

Why? Well, the van Deventers were pulled over in a roadblock in Roodepoort and unfortunately had an expired license disc displayed with the new one in the car.

AARTO road traffic penalties state that even if there is a disc available, the police officer can still issue a fine of up to R2,500 for not displaying the correct license disk.

The policer officer then left the vehicle with no explanation and walked across the road to the petrol station.

He returned a few minutes later holding a brand new license disc holder and handed it over to the couple.

Wentzel expressed in his post that “This is the type of community policing I was taught and commend this Officer as an asset to JMPD and his directors, a very friendly and professional Officer.”

How awesome!

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