Rare sighting of leopard taking down impala

Rare sighting of leopard taking down impala

It is not often you manage to see a leopard stalking its prey and taking it down.


A video shared by Meegan Matthee shows a leopard concluding it’s hunt near the Berg en Dal rest camp in Kruger National Park.

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In the video, you see the leopard slink forward and stealthily approach a group of resting impala.

The leopard makes it into striking distance without alerting the impala, and then two of the impala lock horns, giving the leopard a chance.

The leopard lunges at the impala closest to it and the predator latches onto its neck, securing its dinner.

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People loved the video and commented: “What a capture, both, for the leopard and the camera. And not to mention, the patience on both accounts. One of the best wild videos I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing.”

Watch the video below:

Image: iStock

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