Reporter celebrates 'International Drag Day' with sassy weather forecast

Reporter celebrates 'International Drag Day' with sassy weather forecast

One BBC weather reporter even used a few props for the report and the internet is loving it!

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We all know that delivering a news report is always seen as being professional and straight to the point.

However, when 'International Drag Day' comes around, it's the one day where you can clearly 'let it all out' and be fabulous. 

Owain Wyn Evans, who describes himself on Twitter as an "unapologetically flamboyant BBC weatherman", attempted to slip as many references to drag queens into his forecast .

Just by reading his Twitter bio, one could imagine that Evans has been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

In his report, Owain says: "Now listen guys, I'm going to spill the tea, alright, and tell you that some of these clouds today are going to be throwing some serious shade."

He goes on to use a fan and even drops down to the floor for dramatic effect. 

You will probably never look at the weather the same way again... 

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