Say what? Woman tattoos "baby hairs" across her forehead

Say what? Woman tattoos "baby hairs" across her forehead

What are you willing to do to make sure you have the "perfect" hairstyle when you wake up in the morning?

Woman tattoos "baby hairs" across her forehead
Image credit: Instagram/ (@marielhaenn, @chadinkstertattoos)

We are only two months into 2022 but we can officially say that we have seen it all. A woman in America has gone viral after she allegedly tattooed "baby hairs" across her forehead. 

"Baby hairs" - also known as "edges" - are short strands of hair that typically sprout along your hairline, particularly your forehead area.

Many women use gel and a toothbrush to slick down the vellus hair. The trend goes as far back as the 70s, with Latoya Jackson rocking her "baby hairs" since way back then. 

Celebrities such as Ciara, Ella Mai, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashians have all styled their "baby hairs" for red carpet events and photoshoots. 

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But one woman is being accused of taking the trend a little too far. The Texas woman decided to ink "baby hairs" across her forehead to achieve a fuller and permanent look. 

The image was shared on tattoo artists Inkdemic and Chad Inkster's Instagram page. It is unclear if either artist is behind the tattoo. The image has been shared on several other Instagram pages. 

"I'm sorry but those swoops were a bad call. Maybe you should’ve looked at some references so the tattoo could’ve looked more realistic," one Instagram user commented. 

Some social media users came to the woman's defence. 

"The hate in the comment section... For something someone wanted on their own bodies. Y'all need to chill," one woman wrote. 

US rapper, Snoop Dogg, also shared a viral video of a man questioning why women would go to such great lengths to ensure their "edges" are on fleek. 

Some people questioned if the tattoo was real. 

Woman tattoos "baby hairs" across forehead
Image credit: Instagram/@inkdemictattoosandpiercing
Woman tattoos "baby hairs" across forehead
Image credit: Instagram/@chadinkstertattoos

Here's a look at how women usually style their "edges".

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Someone should have told her about the fake tattoo "baby hairs". 

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