The Sip: 14-year-old author Jess Robus talks mental health with Mack Rapapali

The Sip: 14-year-old author Jess Robus talks mental health with Mack Rapapali

This exceptional 14-year-old has taken her own personal struggles and mental health challenges and channelled them into a collection of beautiful and evocative poetry.

Mack and Jess
Mack Rapapali

June is Youth Month, there is no better time for Jess to release her debut poetry collection, which she hopes will inspire other teens to speak up about their struggles and to reach parents who might have children experiencing these challenges.

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“I’ve always loved writing, and poetry I’ve found to be a very engaging medium both from the perspective of the reader and the writer. It’s an art form that can so eloquently capture emotions and thoughts and enables me to deal with them and process them constructively. Publishing this book is a way for me to share my struggles and recovery and hopefully show others that they are not alone,” Jess told Mack Rapapali.

Her poetry book as well as some of her music chronicles her own journey of accepting and constructively dealing with the challenges she has faced. Through her book titled A Few Slivers of Light, she gets to share her story and reassure others that whatever they may be going through, they are not alone. 

A Few Slivers of Light is self-published, and now available for purchase online on Amazon or via Jess Robus’s website at 

Watch the interview below. 

Image Credit: Mack Rapapali

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