Six-month-old becomes world's youngest person to water ski

Six-month-old becomes world's youngest person to water ski

A six-month-old baby now holds the title for the world's youngest person ever to water ski - watch the video below!

Water Skiing Baby

At just six months and a couple of days, Rich Humphreys has beaten the world record by 23 days. 

The infant was filmed by his parents gliding across a lake while strapped onto a wooden board in Utah in the United States. On the now much-debated video, the little one can be seen clinging onto a metal bar as he is pulled along the water with his dad in another boat beside him. 

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The video was uploaded to the infant's Instagram page with a caption that read: “I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday.

“Apparently that’s a big deal …#worldrecord.”

Watch the video below:

Some parents took to social media to share their concerns for the infant, some citing that he should have a hat on, others saying the position is bad for his legs. 

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