Special sighting of lioness giving birth

Special sighting of lioness giving birth

Not many people can claim to have seen a lioness give birth, but this game ranger was incredibly lucky.

lioness giving birth

A video shared by game ranger, Mrisho Lugenge, shows the incredible moment that a lioness gave birth at the Mala Mala Game Reserve.

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In the video, you see the lioness seclude herself from the rest of the pride and prepare to give birth.

The lioness finds a comfortable spot when the labour starts, and after a short while she bends her head forward and pulls the cub free.

The lioness then gets up with the tiny cub in her mouth and walks away to find a safe space to tend to the cub.

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People were amazed by the sight and commented: “Not every year you witness an animal giving birth. Let alone a Lioness. I guess this must be super rare.”

Watch the video below:

Image: Latest Sightings/YouTube

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