Spring Walk: Choosing the right walking shoes

Spring Walk: Choosing the right walking shoes

The right walking shoes may be the difference between you enjoying a relaxed, effortless walk or you laboring through one. 


Wearing the wrong shoes for walking can do a lot of damage to your feet.

Not only will you have to deal with blisters, but you may injure your feet. And our feet are pretty precious to us, right?

So it is vital to get the right shoes, but how do you know which shoes are the right ones for you?

Naturally, choosing the correct footwear depends on your foot. Also the distance you’ll be covering, and sometimes even your weight, but here are a few tips that can help you choose the right walking shoes regardless of any of the above mentioned conditions. 

First, understand that shoes need to be comfortable 

Not only will uncomfortable shoes make your walk unbearable, but they can do more harm to your feet in the long run. Being uncomfortable affects a number of things; your feet’s health, your walk, and your overall self-esteem. So make sure you choose shoes that are comfortable.

Choose the right size.

Do not choose shoes that are smaller or bigger in size than what you are supposed to wear. The wrong shoe size can leave you with blisters and a foot injury. So make sure you pick the right size. 

Get a shoe that will offer enough room in the toe box 

It is advisable for you to fit the shoe in the store and walk around a bit to see if it really fits and leaves enough room for your toes.

Look for the right sole

Make sure you choose a sole that is low, supportive, and round.

Beware of the mileage

Not all shoes can be worn for too long, and if you are looking for everyday walking shoes or shoes that you can walk for long miles in, rather go for quality shoes that will last longer.

Always remember that sometimes investing a little bit more money in a pair of shoes that will be good to your feet is a healthy decision and will reward you in the long run.

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