Takeaway owner's cool reaction to armed robbery saves him

Takeaway owner's cool reaction to armed robbery saves him

This is definitely how you deal with a robber!

Armed robbery

Said Ahmed of Christchurch, New Zealand, is a man who knows how to deal with an armed robbery.

A video has gone viral showing how he took away power from an armed robber by simply ignoring him. According to The Guardian, Ahmed was serving a customer a chicken souvlaki when a robber entered his Taste of Egypt takeaway shop with a gun in his hand. However, instead of panicking, Ahmed decided to ignore the robber and carry on with his business.

“The man wanted to frighten me and I decided he couldn’t do that. I passed the customer his food because I wanted him to leave the shop and not be in any danger,” Ahmed told the publication.

This reaction frustrated the robber, and resulted in him walking away. “I turned my back on the robber and walked to the kitchen to call the police. I told myself, ‘If he shoots me at least my body will be further away, and the gun shot won’t be as serious as shooting me at close range in my heart or my head. The robber was very confused by my behaviour. He wanted to scare me but I wasn’t scared, so I took away his power,” added Ahmed.

Police are reportedly on the lookout for the robber.

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